Useful Tips for Renting a Car

Are you planning a trip out of town? If so, renting a car might be on your to-do list. We have here a few tips you might find useful when renting a car. Let us start by stating the obvious: there is no ‘best’ car rental agency around the globe. Do your homework diligently and you’ll find a nice, suitable agency for your requirements. Prices in this industry are very competitive and are likely to fluctuate from time to time. They also depend on the type of car you want, the amount of time you want to rent it for and other services etc.

If you are travelling with infants or young ones, it would be best to ask for child seats prior to booking the car. If the trip is an international one, having an international driving license could prove useful in case the host country does not recognize your local driving license.

Car rental agencies also have rules with respect to the eligibility criteria; some refuse to give the car to people under 25, others charge a fee for doing so. Some even have an upper age limit: not renting out to people above the age of 70. These rules generally vary from company to company.

Ensuring that you get a good price is a difficult task as it depends on a number of things. Primarily, if you are visiting the given place during high season, it’s only natural that you will be charged more than at any other time of the year when demand is relatively low. Traveling via a travel agent can also give you a lower rental fees. Car rental agencies have the major chunk of their fees in the form of insurance fee; some credit cards offer the facility of free insurance wrap.

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The surest way is to getting a good deal is by doing your research properly & comparing the different options you have. Now that you’re armed with these tips, go on and enjoy your trip to the fullest!


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