Jokes and your Health

Relationship Between Jokes and your Health

People today say that”laughter is the best medicine” and that humor and jokes play an essential role in curing different sort of ailments through laughter therapy. Thus, it’s reasonable to say, reading humorous jokes may cause a calm mind and a healthy heart.

Cracking jokes in certain stress situations at workplace relieves one from psychological pressure and work load. Using a fantastic sense of humor makes one lively, sharpens focus and cognitive skills. And a fantastic laughter actually strengthens the bond between individuals. Your humorous jokes and a sense of humor can diffuse any negative or stressed situations, like fighting or fighting, with your partner or any arguments with friends and family. Telling jokes isn’t having a great laugh only. Teasing and laughter also shows a good deal about your character, your way of doing things.

Funny jokes and comedy are such terrific things, that they’ve become an essential part of our lives. Funny short jokes act as a key to bring smile in everybody’s face and developing a jolly ambiance. , which reflects a feeling of jolliness, happiness and pleasure. If Joke, be able to unwind the entire air as such, then why is the whole world not telling more humorous jokes at every opportunity.

Telling jokes or producing humor is truly tricky to pull off. But there are people that are naturally gifted in telling jokes. As a result, while cracking jokes, dirty or clean one must keep in mind that everyone won’t share the exact same sense of humor. It can make 1 person burst into laughter while the other individual to anger. Humorous clean jokes are as funny as filthy jokes. But based on joke material, individuals can easily be offended or humiliated. That’s the reason it’s necessary to confirm the joke material based on the audience first. Jokes on racism, disabled people and mentally retarded individuals should always be rigorously avoided.


Good knock knock jokes are funnier when gestures or actions are applied. Recall gesture sounds more than just words. Generally, people think that irony and sarcasm are main elements of comedy. Therefore, if one does not have a sarcastic sense of humor, then he should not attempt to crack jokes. In fact the rule holds good for all types of jokes, if you do not find a joke funny or intriguing, then should not bother telling it . The reality is that a joke looks humorous, if the audience can understand it.

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